On page optimization in SEO refers to activities that are done on the web site with an aim to show up on the search engine result pages, higher is the rank better it is for the owner of the web site. Some of the activities which play important role in on page optimization are…

Below points have to come with hyper link likehttps://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/1050724?hl=en#search_ranking

This is largely a HTML language that helps search engine read what a particular web page is about, there are various types of meta tags – title meta  tag, description tag, , key word meta tags,robots meta tag and other meta tags( these hyper links to lead to articles on each topic)…. There is a belief among  seo’s that meta tags are dead but no one has deleted them from their web site as we all know that search engine’s can change their algorithm any time, so they continue to hold their value in search engine optimization.

Alt tags is a short way to mention alternative tags, to put it is simple terms – search engine’s do not read images or pictures on a web site, so web site owners should make use of alt tag to name those images, for example – if a tractor manufacturer has image of his tractor which covers three fourth of the home page, then this image needs to be tagged in HTML language for search engine crawler to read and understand that it is about Tractor.

Anchor text is the word or phrase that has an hyper link which points to a web page of a source outside the web site or is an internal link that has detailed note on that word. Search engine’s use anchor text to read through the relevance of a web page and modern techniques are used to check for the natural linking vs artificially created links. Nevertheless anchor text constitutes a good part of the on page optimization effort, if done correctly, it can lead to high ranking. ( write an article on anchor text and link this to that article).

Original content –For the success of seo efforts it is important to have original and fresh content on your web site, if a duplicate content is used, search engine’s penalize the site and push it down, similarly fresh content is given extra marks by crawlers and are pushed up on the ranking.

Key word density check - If a web page has details about a particular type of product, for example – it talks about benefits of wearing cotton clothes in summer, generally speaking the term in bold – ie wearing cotton clothes in summer should appear multiple times in the web page, this particular thing is like sugar in the body, if you don’t take it – you are on low sugar and if you have it in excess – you become a high diabetic patient.  Use of key words in the web page without impacting the user experience of reading the text in form of over use, helps crawler read that as important and ranks that high, but at the same time over use of the same may cause damage.

Search engine verification from Google -  This refers to an exercise through which site owner is verified by Google, this does not have an impact on the rankings. After site Verfification Google allows the use of analytic tools,  you can guide google on how to index your site, also you specify to google the geographic region that you are targeting for your site.

Submission of XML site map -  Its important to submit Sitemap in XML format to Google, it helps the search engine to identify the links of your web site, this is particularly useful for the crawlers, as Google bot many not be able to index all the pages of your web site in normal process.

Off page optimization in SEO refers to the efforts which take place outside the web site to pull traffic either in form of links or building social network to for credibility or various other activities which are designed to cast a vote in favour of the web site. Following are the key activities that are done for optimizing the off page activities in SEO…

Directory submission in SEO is actually the most easiest and one of the difficult thing to be done as part of on page optimization activity. This largely means that you need to submit your web site url with a brief description and title of your web site. This helps in two ways – provides back link, which the search engines like to see and when ever a user puts a query – search engine’s attempt to check for results in directory and link of a directory is like a vote cast. Hence Directory submission benefits SEO.( this link to go to article section – there is a write up on this subject).

Social bookmarking is an important way to help build trust for your web site or blog, for those who are new – it is a tool through which you can book mark your favourite web pages using these social bookmarking sites and access them from any where. Social book marking benefitsSEO efforts as it provides evidence of trust to Google and other search engines. ( hyper link to lead to article on social book marking  benefits for SEO ).

Blog creation serves many purposes for business web site, like fresh content, relevant content, backlinks, enhanced internal linking, more indexed pages, social sharing.While there is no one thing which can make magical difference to the output of SEO effort but quality blogging surely is a good tool that can help in good ranking. ( these points in bold to have hyper links to article part of web site – fresh content and relevant content is already mentioned in services , while for backlinks, more indexed pages, social sharing – blogs need to be written).

Commonly called as SMO, this has gain popularity in last couple of years and is changing the whole perspective on SEO, initially this was approached with a view to provide backlink but over the years, search engines have made algorithms that check the relevance of the post and also how many people comment on a post, this helps the software identify and differentiate between a one sided effort and engagement. Social media optimization has developed into a full time subject for SEO’s wanting to push their client on the top pages. ( hyper link to lead to article on social media optimization).

This is relatively an easier exercise, you tube and other video uploading sites like flickr &picassa allow for smooth backlinks to the web site, exclusive video uploading provide the backlinks to google bot. Similarly you may want to post pictures of a recent event or some seminar people in general or for audience.


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