Ecommerce SEO

What is e commerce SEO ?

E commerce is different from normal seo because of the difference in approach. Normal corporate web sites have have at max 100 pages and an e commerce web site may have 500 pages  or may be as high as 10k or 20k pages. There is a different approach to the whole process, as there may be temporary discounts on some products, every page may have one product which may be generic in nature, user experience plays a key role to induce shoppers to stay on the e commerce site and continue to shop and much more.

E commerce SEO is a comprehensive and detailed approach and largely involves efforts which help to optimize each product page and includes listing in shopping gateways like google shopping and google merchant.

What is the benefit of e commerce SEO ?

It helps build traffic on relevant key word phrases by ranking high on search engine result pages. Typically a customer who is looking at buying Sports shoes for men would search for buy sportsshoes for men, if your web site is featuring high on SERP with relevant product pages link, this will bring visitors at no cost as compared to other paid options to get the same traffic. More customers visiting your web site to search for products means higher conversion chances.

What are the features of E commerce SEO ?

While all ecommerce website owners claim that their web site is seo friendly but in many cases reality is that it is not. It has two aspects first from a set up perspective and second from an ongoing perspective. An ecommerce web site made in 2009 may have been set up in the most seo friendly way but over last few years seo itself has evolved, so being seo friendly itself is evolving, its important to understand the features that one needs to keep check on at the time of construction of website, For detailed understanding read through our article onFeatures of ecommerce website.

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