Our SEO & Social media services involve getting into the nitty grity of the client’s industry, competition level that prevails, expected competition in the industry in next one year. Most of the SEO’s would vouch for the fact that all major search engines have a common agenda which is their customer should get the best results for the query, this has been best done by Google so far.

Google has evolved over the years and has  been providing updates to improve the relevance of results, About a decade back to early 2000 to 2004 days, all it mattered was things like key word density, which is how many times key word would appear on a web page, then came a time – page rank became a subject to follow for results, then the whole new updates as part of Panda and Penguine have been coming and shaking many SEO’s.

As the search engines including Google want to show better and exact results on it search engine result page, every effort on update especially post 2005 is being done keeping two things in front which is Relevance and Trust. Everything that flows in form of social media, fans, followers, content, blog or widely used broad terms like on page SEO or Off page Seo have their deep roots in Relevance and Trust.

What should be the current and future strategy to rank high on search result pages ?

While most of the strategy in terms of  “To DO” list remains same in last 3 to 5 years but  “quality” has replaced “quantity”. For example – backlinks were important in 2008 and they are important today as well, their weightages keep on changing and quality of backlinks takes front seat. To elaborate a bit on this “quality” would cover backlinks coming from relevant sites, if these are two way links, you are inviting penalty instead of higher ranking.

Similarly Social media was always an  important off page activity, so what has changed ? Search engines don’t even look at the number of fans or followers you may have on your social media platforms, perhaps the crawlers have started looking at fan engagement. These examples and many others make us believe that  you cannot approach SEO as just another marketing activity.

Future is going to be much more difficult, those businesses that will really take care of their customers both off line and online would find themselves ranking high and if you have more customers with bad ratings, how so ever good an SEO may work, search engines will rate the business poorly.

Our approach to SEO

We start our  work with reports on Industry in which a client operates, best practices being followed by competition and  a deep look at content quality, these things work as founding block for other activities. We have a firm belief that there are no shortcuts to success in this age of digital marketing. Every activity on  SEO has answers to the question why a particular activity is being performed and what is the benefit for the current and prospective customer.

Basis the requirement we offer the following services for SEO…….

Organic SEO -  Business does not need to pay every time there is a click, we try to make sure that our client is on the first page of Google, these services are generally taken by organizations who do not have e commerce as their way of business. You may have a web site with less than 150 or 200 pages to be going for this approach as it is observed that non e commerce web sites generally do not have more than 200 pages.

Local SEO–As the name suggests this is for businesses that have local presence, through an offline store or company office as customer transaction point. There are some businesses that have high interest in this like a saloon in a locality, Restaurant or fast food joint, Tailor and dresser, flower shop etc  to name a few. Customer doing the search is looking at options to and buy the product or service by going to the point of sale. Such searches will have the name, address , web site or social media link and mobile number of the local business.

E commerce SEO–These services are suitable for corporates whose primary business model is online sales through payment gateway integration on their  web sites.  While there is some overlapping in the work that goes in doing organic seo and E commerce SEO but there is a difference in the approach. Competition level is much higher, user’s expectations is higher, calls for greater degree of trust for obvious reasons – as your are asking customer to pay online and goods will be delivered after some time.  It is observed that e commerce web sites generally have more than 300 web pages and run into multiple of thousand web pages.

Video SEO – Uploading the videos on you tube or daily motion may not be a sufficient activity , unless the right approach to video seo is followed. These services ensure that your videos are found among the first few on a page.

Multilingual seo–Businesses that have products suitable for overseas locations need to be found on search engines in respective countries. Think of a yellow page ad some years back which you saw in a B2B directory for an over seas business.  For example you may be a MCB switch manufacturer in China having the best technology and good infrastructure to expand but outside your home country, so the natural thing is to be found on search engines of your targets global markets.

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